A step-by-step guide helps data scientists with no experience in shell commands to set up their python development environment to share reproducible notebooks.


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A step-by-step guide to automating data extraction jobs from the EC2 in 5 minutes

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How I built a great UI for a complicated sketch recognition model

Sketch prediction application — image by the author
the final deployed application — video by the author


Lessons from Kaggle: Compare ensembles algorithms in terms of model accuracy, robustness, and generalization. Implementation included!

Ensembles methods — image by the author


How I built a great UI for my PDF-to-audiobook converter

PDF to Audiobook
Final interface hosted at Gradio hub!


Lessons I learned from Kaggle to enhance the final model performance. Each evaluation strategy’s pros and cons and when to use each one are included.

My performance compared to other kagglers 🤔 — image by the author


This article aims to automate the ML projects hosted on GitHub and reducing code-breaking via pull requests.



This article will discuss the proper ways for serialization considering multiprocessing tasks. The more robust serialization package dill improves the situation over the pickle package.




A comparison between different categorical encoding strategies commonly used in the machine learning models preprocessing pipelines. This guide aims to assist you in selecting the right strategy based on your application.

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Deploy the Machine Learning API to Heroku using the CircleCI pipeline with fewer command

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What is a REST API?

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